Breathing Foundations Course



The First Pillar Of High Performance




Do you want to look your best, have mental clarity, have more energy, slow down aging, and reduce stress?



There are breathing tools that: 


✅ Focus and calm your mind within minutes.

✅ Prime your body for great restorative sleep every night.

✅ Improve tolerance to physical and cognitive stress.

✅ Improve oxygen delivery & blood flow to all tissues within minutes.

✅ Improve posture and movement potential.

✅ Improve the muscle tone of your face and neck.

✅ Reduce the likelihood of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. 

✅ Reduce breathlessness during physical activity

✅ Reduce anxiety within minutes.



Breathing is the first step on your wellness journey towards better sleep, more focus, energy, and less stress.


Most people know how practical breathing exercises are as stress management tools.


Very few are aware of how their everyday breathing habits impact their mood, mental clarity, energy levels, and sleep quality.


Your unconscious breathing habits can either make everything else more straightforward and more effective or make everything else difficult and less effective.


Breath is the foundation.




The First Pillar Of High Performance, Breathing. 



Breathing Foundations

87 USD

What's Included?

  • Theory To Teach You Why
  • Exercises To Show You How
  • Checklists, Accountability, Answers To Your Questions
  • Mobile App Available
  • 14 Day Comfort Guarantee

Hi, I'm Pyry.

I'm a personal trainer, sauna connoisseur, and a steak enthusiast from Finland living in Australia.

I'm a wellness and high-performance coach who's helped countless busy modern humans unlock better physical and mental performance. 

The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.

Nothing is as foundational as breathing. 

Breath is the first thing you take when you enter this world and the last thing you will take before leaving. You do it about 20000 times per day. It's mostly unconscious. It's easy to take for granted. 

This is a mistake. 

Those who take their breath for granted never discover the amazing benefits of breathing exercises. It is even more tragic that many never realize how their everyday breathing habits hold them back from living their lives to the fullest.

How do I know?

Because I've been there...


You are not alone.

My life used to be very different.

I used to wake up to each day grumpy and exhausted even after spending 8 hours in bed.

My sleep quality was terrible. 

I was a loud snorer. I tossed and turned and often woke up from a pool of sweat. I got up to the toilet at least twice a night. My girlfriend told me that sometimes my snoring was interspersed by a few large gasps for air. 

My restless sleep also kept my girlfriend up at night. After a while, we were both waking up grumpy and ready to complain about totally trivial things.

My sleep problems were seriously testing our relationship.

This time was also the first time in my life when I experienced any form of anxiety. I found it very weird because I've always been very confident, and I've always found it easy to spend time by myself.

I found it very difficult to focus on cognitively challenging tasks, especially in the afternoons.

I wasn't recovering properly from my training, and it was hard for me to "turn it up" at the gym. 

Probably the MOST alarming thing was that my libido wasn't the same it used to be just a couple of years ago. I didn't feel like it as often as I used to, and with the same intensity. This was very alarming because I was 25 years old at the time and was supposed to be in my prime.

None of this made any sense because I was very fit, like a soldier with my sleep hygiene regime.

I made sure to get a dose of early sunlight, and I also avoided bright light at night time. I only had one cup of coffee at 7 am, and I even wore the orange-tinted blue-light-blocking glasses religiously after 6 pm.

Yet... I wasn't sleeping properly, and this was having a severe negative impact on the quality of my life.

I also knew that it would severely impact the QUANTITY of my life, as chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to a shorter lifespan.

I knew that I had to do something. I started researching. What I found was nothing short of astonishing.

The answer to my sleep, libido, anxiety, focus, recovery, and energy problems was almost too simple to be true.

I had taken the solution for granted all my life. I didn't think that it was something that I could improve dramatically, let alone that I had been doing it wrong for most of my life.

If this sounds like you, I can't wait for you to experience the benefits of my newest creation.



Breathing Foundations

The 8 Week breathwork course designed to get you out of feeling exhausted and performing below your best to feeling like a million bucks and making your best even better.

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"The breathwork with Pyry has markedly improved my sleep quality and energy levels. I’d recommend Pyry to anyone with a genuine interest in pursuing holistic, lasting improvement to their strength, health and wellbeing. What a guy.

William R

Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator



Breathing Foundations is based on a different approach to human performance.



✅ One that is based on scientific principles and experience proven methods


✅ One that gives you the tools and educates you on the underlying principles


✅ One that doesn’t include paying thousands of dollars to executive coaches


✅ One that you can fit into your busy schedule



The whole idea is to introduce you to the superpower that already exists inside your body - your breathing.


It’s also the only breathing course that gives you powerful tools to reduce acute stress and emphasizes your breathing when you are not thinking about it, especially when you sleep.
Besides, no other breathing course has combined the principles and methods of sports performance breathing, physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, and orofacial myofunctional training.


Sound like the kind of approach you've been looking for?


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When you join Breathing Foundations, you get...


Mobile App

Access to all the course content from your pocket

A mentor who gives a damn!

I’ll be answering your questions and comments if you get stuck.


Weekly checklists and implementation recommendations


Track Your Progress

There are assessments to establish a baseline, and ensure you are progressing.



What will you learn in the exercise module?


🔑 Stress Tolerance & Relaxation Exercises


🔑 Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises


🔑  Movement Potential & Posture Exercises


🔑  Focus & Mindfulness Exercises

🔑 Brain & Body Recovery Exercises


🔑  Aerobic Fitness Exercises


🔑 8 Week Progressive OMT Program + Exercise Demonstrations (Orofacial Myofunctional Training)



What we will be covering in the theory modules?


💎 How to prime your breathing for optimal sleep


💎 How to reduce the chances of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea


💎 How to reduce acute stress


💎 How to increase your stress tolerance


💎 How to improve your cognitive & physical performance


💎 Diaphragmatic breathing

💎 How to improve your posture


💎 How to reduce breathlessness during exercise


💎 How to improve your aerobic fitness


💎 How to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to your brain and muscles


💎 How to decongest your nose - and keep it like that


💎 How your body responds to stress, and how to measure stress objectively


💎 How to control your stress response with your breathing


💎 What influences the development of children’s airways and faces


💎 How to save thousands of dollars and years of pain for yourself and your children by optimising your child’s jaw, facial and dental development



Once you are in, you’re in for life.


When you join Breathing Foundations, you get lifetime access to the course content.


You are also free to email me directly at my email if you have any questions you would prefer to ask privately.

Sound like the kind of know-how, support, and game changer you need to take your physical and mental performance to the next level?


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Let me guess….


You’re all the way down here because you’re not quite sure whether the Breathing Foundations is the right fit for you...


You know what? That’s a great thing to think about before you join. So let me help you out.


First up, the Breathing Foundations isn’t the right fit for you if:


❌ You want to throw money at your problems without putting in the work


❌ You aren't genuinely interested in enhancing your cognitive and physical performance


❌  You aren't interested in optimizing your health


❌ You aren't interested in putting in the work now to maximize your chances of staying healthy and vibrant for as many years as possible


On the other hand, Breathing Foundation IS the right fit for you even if:


You are limited in time:

I know that you are busy. I’ve shaved the fat and gotten rid of all the course content that isn’t necessary. You can go straight to the exercises and start seeing the benefits within minutes. With that said, you will get much more out of the course if you take the time to understand the underlying principles.


You are skeptical about the benefits of breathwork

You don't know what you don't know. Of course, you are skeptical if you've never experienced the benefits or haven’t yet put in the time and resources to research and understand the science behind it. This is exactly why the Breathing Foundations course is a combination of practical exercises and theory.


✅ You aren't the "breathwork type."

Really? Navy Seals very famously incorporate breath control exercises in their training regime to stay calm in stressful situations. Elite athletes use breathing exercises to either prepare them for physical activity or to enhance their recovery. The top CEO's in the world use breath control to improve their focus and control their inner states. You are going to be in good company.


You are on a budget

The whole point of the Breathing Foundations course is to enhance your cognitive performance, energy levels, and presence. This is so that you can maximize opportunities, progress in your career, and make more money.


You’ve tried breathwork before, but it didn’t work

Did you have a mentor to guide you, answer your questions, and help you troubleshoot? Did you follow a science-based and experience-tested progressive plan? Did you put in the time and effort into studying and understanding the underlying principles? This time is going to be different. 

Still unsure?


Look, sometimes the only way to really know whether a course is a right fit for you is to get in there and test it out, which is exactly why Breathing Foundations comes with a 14 day ‘do the work’ money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel like Breathing Foundations is giving you the know-how, support, and accountability you need, email me at [email protected] within 14 days of getting started, and I’ll give your money back. 

The only thing you have to do is fill the implementation checklist for 14 days and show me that you've done the homework. That way, I’ll keep you accountable for the commitment you make when you join, and you’ll keep me honest about whether the course will serve you. 

Sound like a fair deal?

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Questions answered and ready to get started?


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