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Client Results & Testimonials

Claire 12 Months Transformation


Claire, the sous chef in one of Melbourne's busiest and most prestigious restaurants underwent a significant health transformation in 12 months. 

Double shifts until 1am in the morning, and unlimited access to calorie dense foods were having a negative impact on Claire's energy levels, body composition and wellness. 

We had to really focus on nailing Claire's sleep hygiene habits to the T, so that the sleep that she managed to get was as high quality as possible. 

Through trial and error we were able to find an approach to nutrition that was flexible, effective and sustainable for her.

Claire engaged in strength & conditioning training 4 times per week, twice with me and twice by herself using the skills she learned in our sessions. 



"By training with Pyry I went through a major transformation.

Starting with his training method.

He does exactly what you want from a pt. He pushes you hard. No excuses. After training you have been demolished in the best possible way. You feel so alive. And you long for that feeling again all week.

He is someone who knows so much about his profession and is constantly developing in it. And shares all his knowledge with so much pleasure. Basically my whole lifestyle has taken a turn. Something I had been working on for a while but thanks to Pyry its now finally consistent.

I cannot praise his training enough and every way he deals with life. The small changes in habits have made me so much stronger, healthier and energized.

Scott 6 Months 



Scott, an exceptionally bright and busy lawyer who run's his own firm busted through his physique and strength plateaus while training with me for 6 months. 

We focused on many aspects of wellnes which a lot of people overlook, such as sleep hygiene, breathing exercises, posture, and nutrition.

This holistic approach to his lifestyle was course combined with solid strength & conditioning training. 

Listen to Scott's audio testimonial below. 




"I highly recommend Pyry. Words cannot adequately describe the significance of his impact on my health and fitness. He has consistently gone above and beyond to tailor his advice to my personal circumstances. He has helped to change my perspective and become an 'optimised human' by enhancing my approach with several important items which are easy to overlook - such as breathing techniques, posture, sleep and nutrition. He is far more than just a personal trainer, and in an industry where there is a considerable variation in quality, I could not be happier that I did not compromise by going elsewhere. You are welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions about the experience that I have had with Pyry."

Teemu 18 Weeks Online Training Transformation


Teemu, a fellow Finn, got stronger, put on 5kgs of lean muscle tissue, increased the visibility of his abs, and improved his posture by following my online program for 16 weeks.

Teemu also had access to the Coach Pyry Exercise Library.

The man is like a statue!

If this sounds like the approach you've been looking for, train with me!


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Jason 18 Weeks 



Jason, an advanced trainee with many years of resistance training under his belt contacted me because he wanted to compete in a physique show, but had trouble building his back muscles, which are very important for an impressive physique. 

I believe that nobody has "weak muscle groups". 

Instead, many people have muscle groups that they just haven't learned to develop. Yet.

Strength & Conditioning training, and meticulous exercise execution based on Jason's individual anatomy combined with a solid nutrition plan, and recovery protocols were the key to this physique transformation. 




"One of the best coach I’ve ever ever and ever had. Not only help me achieve my competition goal, but also make me realise that what is the best way to build muscle. Building muscle is not easy and he totally change the mind of myself to how to properly build muscle. He is a coach with knowledge, patience, motivation, perfect skill-set and powerful mind-set. Working with him is very happy and enjoyable. I definitely will recommend coach Pyry to anyone who are interested in general health, general fitness and even competition physique goal to help them to achieve their goals. I’ll continue to work with him and to be very excited to see bigger stage with him in the future."

Chrissy 12 Weeks Transformation 


Chrissy's determination and consistency were the keys to this very impressive 12 week physique transformation. 

She was on a mission. She had a goal, and she was willing to work for it.

Chrissy lifted weights with a focus on strength training 4 times per week. She also went on bike rides on the weekends. 

This was accompanied with great sleep hygiene, consistency with nutrition, and effective stress management. 

While physique transformations are impressive, Coach Pyry thinks that health transformations are even more impressive!


William R - Stakeholder Representative 

8th of June 2021

"When I first enquired about personal training at my gym, the manager asked me what kind of trainer I was looking for. I recall explaining that I wanted someone ‘scientific’. The manager immediately recommended Pyry, and I am incredibly grateful he did. Over the last 8 months Pyry has taught me a great deal about the human body. Pyry’s emphasis on form, breath, and mobility immediately challenged my misconceptions of resistance training, and demanded of me a level of focus and awareness I hadn’t thought would be necessary at the gym. I found myself stimulated by the challenge of new movements and exercises, and surprised by how quickly my flexibility, posture and sleep improved. Pyry’s method has completely changed how I view resistance training and has encouraged in me a more curious, mindful approach to making my body functionally (not only aesthetically) strong.


Another point worth noting is that Pyry’s method is inherently adaptive. This is evidenced by how quickly he identifies my areas of inflexibility or weakness, and how thoughtfully he focusses on integrating corrective exercises into our existing workouts. When the COVID-19 restrictions took effect, Pyry’s training also adapted: Our sessions in the park lost none of their value, and instead opened the door to new exercises, movements and challenges.


As a person, Pyry is a stand up guy and a good friend. He’s incredibly well organised and consistent. I appreciate how regularly he checks in on progress and holds me to account. This demonstrates that his method doesn’t just start and end in the gym. Pyry’s extra knowledge around sleep, breathing technique and nutrition has also had a considerable impact on my broader health and wellbeing. Our breath training over Zoom in particular has markedly improved my sleep and energy levels. 


I’d recommend Pyry to anyone with a genuine interest in pursuing holistic, lasting improvement to their strength, health and wellbeing. What a guy."



"I reached out to Pyry about many years ago when my health was at my lowest.
I was working long hours, I wasn't doing any movement or activity and consuming convenience food so I could quickly go back to working.  I was getting less than 5 hours sleep each night and by 2PM in the afternoon, I would be fighting the afternoon mental fog.  After years and years of this behaviour I had adopted some really unhelpful health habits.
Pyry has a very structured and simple approach to health management and understands the connection between great health and great cognitive performance - important in work and business.
Pyry role models consistency and accountability which is a useful reference point to tap into as a client.  He also is great at driving that consistency and accountability when it comes to adopting new useful habits.
I have been working with Pyry for nearly 5 years now and would highly recommend him for men and women who want to take their health, career and business to the next level." 
- Tuhonia Tihirahi - ANZ - Program Change Lead


"When I first met Pyry I was 40, and believed I was in great physical condition. I played basketball twice a week, rode to work most days and was running a couple of times a week. Due to a knee and ankle injury I did suffer from joint pain and a restricted range of motion. I felt like I'd exhausted all avenues to address my knee pain so thought I'd give Pyry a go for 12 weeks.


What I discovered pretty quickly was that despite all the activity I was undertaking, there were muscle groups that were very weak. Pyry's ability to identify these and design a program to strengthen them was amazing. After 12 weeks I can say that I feel in peak physical condition and have the confidence to continue training and improving both activity specific and core strength.


Much of the above I did expect to achieve, however what I didn't expect to achieve as a direct result of working with Pyry was:

- complete loss of knee pain, something I've not been able to achieve after years of physio

- improved well being through a focus on improved sleep patterns, and

- implementation of a diet that has been life changing. Seriously!!

- understanding the importance of correct technique. If you're making the investment of time, money and effort by training, why wouldn't you want to maximise the benefit you derived from this?


I can neither thank nor recommend Pyry and his work enough. And a great bloke to boot!!"



"Pyry is a real strength and conditioning coach that I hired to help fix my right shoulder injury. This was preventing me from doing many exercises I previously was doing. Within 2 months my shoulder recovered, and now it’s about 3 times stronger than before. I also learnt to master my legs and lower body workloads - which I completely neglected previously! Finally, the deep discussions about diet forced me to pay close attention to daily protein intake and other critical factors for success."



"Before working with Pyry, my training didn't have much direction to it. I was usually just doing random workouts. When I started with Pyry, he not only helped me better understand my training and nutrition, but also helped me set goals to work towards and develop a better training mindset. With a keen eye for detail, he was able to help me improve my form while helping me get stronger than even before. For anyone looking to work with Pyry, you can rest assured you are getting a great coach who will help you excel whatever your goals may be." 



"I would highly recommend Coach Pyry, he is a very professional and knowledgeable personal trainer and coach. I first starting training with Pyry following a back injury, within 3 months of training and following his guidance, I was able to return to weight training and regained strength and size."

- Jamie


“Pyry is the best coach that I have ever worked with. By  his various knowledge, comprehensive skill-sets and 10 years of training experience, he has been supporting me to train and redefine my knowledge of fitness. Initially, I have struggled to build up my own meal plan and training technique. After 7 months of training with Pyry, I have lost 4kg of body fat and gained 5kg of lean muscle. My physique and mind-set has been changing significantly over the last 7 months. Lastly, he is not only an amazing coach in general but also a good friend of mine. I would highly recommend him to people who are seeking for legit coach with full of skills, knowledge and result-oriented to support them to achieve their ideal physique and general health.”

-Vi Linh



"Trained with Pyry for a while preparing for an ICN bodybuilding competition (category - women’s figure). Pyry was great to train with extremely informative and a great listener as a coach. This was one of the main reasons I was able to execute each work out and achieve amazing changes. He was able to understand my needs and push me where and when I needed it. His educated responses to my many questions and his ability to collaborate his style of training with my needs proved extremely valuable. The result was a win in the intermediate category ICN, 2017 Melbourne Classic. But most of all I achieved many physical goals I had been chasing. An amazing trainer, motivated, well organised and clearly dedicated to providing the best service to supporting people in achieving their goals. It was also a lot of fun!!"



"Pyry is a wonderful coach, one of very few people who appreciate that clients come into the training for a variety of reason and how important it is to cater to their specialised needs and goals. I would recommend him not only because he is knowledgeable and conscientious by nature, he also genuinely enjoys training people, a trait which is rare to find. He manages to transform the way I think about going to the gym and push me to do hollistic approach in achieving my goals in daily life. Thanks so much Pyry!"



"Pyry is the most incredible, conscientious and knowledgeable coach. I achieved more athletic performance through his sessions than I ever have before. He’s also someone who lives the lessons he teaches and is constantly learning and evolving his practice. Highly recommend no matter what your goals are." 


If this sounds like the approach you've been looking for, train with me!



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