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Gain A Competitive Advantage By Training, Eating And Living With Coach Pyry


Benefits to employers: Increase profitability and reduce costs of lost productivity due to sickness and burnout.


Benefits to employees: Unlock more focus, energy, and vitality to enjoy your life to its fullest after completing the day's and week's work.

How You Can Know It Will Work For Your Business

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"Pyry gave a series of health and wellness seminars at my workplace which were really fun and insightful. It's clear that he has thoroughly researched everything he talks about - everything is backed up with scientific evidence, and he doesn't promote any fads or health myths.

Highly recommend!"

Tess Morrison

Associate - L.E.K Consulting

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"Pyry is a highly energetic coach, passionate about making sure we get the most out of our energy management sessions to become high-performing individuals in our personal and professional lives.

As with any personal development workshop, ensuring accountability and consistency is hard, although his emphasis on action plans and team challenges has been helpful in pushing us to build meaningful habits over time.

Would recommend to companies who want to emphasise wellbeing and productivity in their employees to try his sessions!"

Krishore Subramaniam

Associate - L.E.K Consulting

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"Coach Pyry took our company through a series of wellness workshops which were great.

His knowledge of the latest science surrounding exercise, sleep and nutrition is second to none and he's great at keeping you accountable.

I'd recommend him to anyone looking to lose weight, manage stress or generally improve their well-being! Thanks again, Coach"

Michael Fisher

Associate - L.E.K Consulting

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"I reached out to Pyry about many years ago when my health was at my lowest.

I was working long hours, I wasn't doing any movement or activity and consuming convenience food so I could quickly go back to working. I was getting less than 5 hours of sleep each night, and by 2 PM in the afternoon, I would be fighting the afternoon mental fog. After years and years of this behaviour, I had adopted some really unhelpful health habits.

Pyry has a very structured and simple approach to health management and understands the connection between great health and great cognitive performance - important in work and business.

Pyry role models consistency and accountability, which is a useful reference point to tap into as a client. He also is great at driving consistency and accountability when it comes to adopting new useful habits.

I have been working with Pyry for nearly 5 years now and would highly recommend him for men and women who want to take their health, career and business to the next level."

Tuhonia Tihirahi

Program Change Lead - ANZ


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"I highly recommend Pyry. Words cannot adequately describe the significance of his impact on my health and fitness.

He has consistently gone above and beyond to tailor his advice to my personal circumstances.

He has helped to change my perspective and become an 'optimised human' by enhancing my approach with several important items which are easy to overlook - such as breathing techniques, posture, sleep and nutrition.

He is far more than just a personal trainer, and in an industry with considerable variation in quality, I could not be happier that I did not compromise by going elsewhere.

You are welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions about the experience that I have had with Pyry."

Scott McKenzie

Director - Velocity Legal

Employer, I can improve your bottom line and the well-being of your employees.


Would better decision-making and lower costs of lost productivity due to sickness or burnout increase the profitability of your business?

Would your business benefit from your employees having more energy, being happier and tolerating stress better?

Would it help to solve your biggest problems if your key employees had more vitality and could stay focused throughout the day instead of dozing off in the afternoons and zombie-walking to the closest coffee shop at 4 pm?


How? I'm glad you asked.


Let's face it.

To thrive in the corporate world, you need to stay focused for long periods, tolerate stress well and make decisions under extreme pressure.

Your cognition must perform at an elite level, like a professional athlete or an F1 car.

Day in and day out.

What would happen to Ferrari's F1 car's ability to race the course at blistering speeds from race to race if you put sand into the tank instead of fuel?

What would happen if the driver never did a pitstop, and the mechanics couldn't repair the car being pushed to its limits?


The car would crash and burn.

(Actually, it wouldn't even start in the first instance).

However, this is precisely what's happening to your employees.

Most of your employees are fueling themselves primarily with junk food, not sleeping or exercising enough, and their only stress management strategy is getting hammered on the weekends.

Yet, you trust your employees to make high-stakes decisions with extreme deadlines.

At home, they have bills to pay and children to raise. Once they open the TV or social media, they are constantly reminded how afraid and outraged they should be because of the economic downturn or whatever else is on the headlines.

The bottom line is that your employees' energy management sucks.

It's non-existent.

Their energy is drained away at break-neck speed because of habits that aren't serving them, and they aren't doing anything to replenish it.

Is it hardly surprising that so many either crash and burn out or run into chronic health issues?

High blood pressure, hypertension, heart attacks, Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancers, dementia, and neurological diseases are all rooted in exceeding your stress threshold for too long. They are all becoming more and more common.

These mostly preventable chronic conditions are incredibly costly for your bottom line and the society.

So, how can you solve your problem, which is that your employees aren't performing at their best and take too many days off due to sickness and burnout?

Should you keep hiring wellness experts like me to do 90-minute workshops for your employees every four weeks?

The reality is that while most employees enjoy these once-off sessions and they walk away full of motivation to change their lifestyle for the better, all too often, that initial excitement fizzles and goes out of the window by the time Monday morning rolls around.

Let alone when stress arises and deadlines start looming over them.

Here is the deal:

As stress arises, we tend to revert to our habitual ways.

People who have a habit of eating well, exercising and prioritising their sleep will keep exercising, sleeping and eating well through difficult times.

They know these habits give them stamina and the power to push through.

On the other hand, the folks that haven't built habits around these well-being-boosting behaviours will abandon them as soon as stress arises.

Before you know it, it's been two weeks since you've been to the gym, your eye bags have reached critical levels, your bins are full of empty takeout boxes, and your clothes are getting tighter. Again. At the wrong places.

It's time we break this spell and unlock what your employees are truly capable of. It's about time for your employees to become true high-performers, get more done in less time, and have the energy to live their lives to the fullest outside of work.

Let me show you how I can solve your problem and help your employees build better habits that will ultimately improve the profitability of your business because of better decision-making and lower cost of lost productivity due to sickness and burnout.

Here's what you'll get when you say yes to the Energy Management Intensive Today



Monthly 60 Minute Live Physical Training Session

...A combination of strength training, mobility, cardiorespiratory conditioning and breathwork improves your mental and physical fitness resilience.

Options for delivery: Live at your workplace or a public park (Melbourne CBD Only) or Zoom

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Train With Coach Pyry In Your Pocket


…The perfect solution to make sure your employees stay consistent with their exercise routine between the monthly live physical training sessions.

Your employees will get results faster by executing exercises gracefully and confidently with the Coach Pyry Training App as their personal trainer.

Resilience and fitness improve faster, and chances of injuries are reduced by executing the exercises with the correct techniques.

Employees get a tailored, progressive training program to suit their goals and preferred training frequency.

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Leaner Stronger Fat Loss And Lean Muscle System™


…Coach Pyry's signature training system found in the Coach Pyry Training App that's guaranteed to build lean muscle, burn body fat, and improve fitness, power, strength and speed.

It's the only muscle-building and fat-loss program you'll ever need.


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Stress Relief and Resilience Breathwork System


…That'll teach you how to achieve states of calm focus like a monk at a waterfall or a Navy Seal on the battlefield in minutes, whether at the office or boardroom.

Coach Pyry is an Oxygen Advantage Certified Health and Performance Breathing Instructor.

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Make Your Best Even Better Sleep Optimisation System


…That's guaranteed to unlock unbreakable energy, focus, and drive to improve the decision-making and perseverance of your employees. 

Better sleep will improve immunity and reduce the chances of getting sick or burnt out. 

Waking up refreshed is critical so your employees can attack their work with vigour and have enough energy at the end of the week to enjoy their lives to their fullest. 

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