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"Pyry is the best! Pyry is not just a personal trainer but more like a life coach.

I’ve worked with many great personal trainers over the past several years but Pyry is on another level. He even has his own app, YouTube channel and podcasts, which are unbelievable! Most professional, knowledgeable and genuinely caring personal trainer.

Pyry helped me reach my fitness goals within months but also helped me improve my diet (allergies), breathing, sleeping and mindset. Thank you, Pyry. I’m forever grateful."

George Zraybi

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"Working with Pyry has been the best decision I've ever made when it comes to choosing a PT.

He is incredibly knowledgable, hard-working and personable. I truly believe you won't find a better trainer out there to get great results - if you are willing to do the work!"

Roscoe Power

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"Pyry is not only a 'trainer' but a passionate advocate of wholistic fitness, healthy eating and sleeping habits. He is one of few trainers I have met that inspires by living, breathing and training by example daily. Investing time with Pyry has been a valuable investment in my body, overall health and my quality of life. I highly recommend Pyry, especially if you are time poor, to motivate you towards kick starting healthier habits and a stronger looking physique for yourself."

Tze Loong Yap

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Melbourne Personal Training

Are you looking for an elite-level personal trainer in Melbourne who can guide you to the best shape of your life, both mentally and physically?

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Put your best face forward, boost focus, energy, stress tolerance and productivity, and reduce stress by optimising your sleep quality, breathing efficiency and airway patency with the one-of-a-kind Breathe Sleep Perform Program.

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