The Last Personal Trainer You'll Ever Need

Are you a high achiever in work and business but have yet to achieve the same level with your health and fitness?

Ready to be confident in how you look with and without clothes?

Ready to feel invincible?

Picture This:

Yes, all this is not just possible, it’s your future – and I’m here to guide you there.

Hi, I'm Pyry Liukkonen.

The Last Personal Trainer You'll Ever Need

I'm a coach, trail runner, lifter, dog lover, outdoors explorer and sauna enthusiast. 

I'm also an online personal trainer obsessed with helping people gain confidence in their physical abilities, move without pain, and unlock more energy and "life force". 

As you can see from the plethora of before/after transformations on my page, I've also helped many people lose a lot of fat and build a lot of muscle. 

My mission in fitness and life is to be a positive force that enables you to live your life to the fullest. I want you to think back to our time together many years from now and think that working with me was money and time well spent.

Your health and fitness are the rate-limiting factors for your life quality (and quantity).

What adventures would you go on if your physical fitness or pain were not a limiting factor?

What would you do with your hard-earned wealth if you had more energy on the weekends?

If you were confident in your body's appearance, where would you go, and who would you hang out with?

How would it impact your family and friends if you were setting a positive example for them when it comes to health and fitness?

You only live once. Your family, friends, colleagues and competitors deserve your best. 

I've developed my programs so you can have this, too.

Your Next Step: Programs Designed For Your Success

Online Personal Training

Build sustainable habits, learn life-long skills and transform your body permanently.

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Coach Pyry Training App

Discover easy-to-follow workouts, level up with thorough demonstration videos and track your progress.

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Breathe Sleep Perform

Put your best face forward, boost focus, energy, stress tolerance and productivity, and reduce stress by optimising your sleep quality, breathing efficiency and airway patency with the one-of-a-kind Breathe Sleep Perform Program.

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