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  • You'll know exactly what to buy and how to prepare it for 7 days of delicious, nutritious and healthy meals
  • You'll learn what the 3 Pillars Of Body Transformation Are
  • You'll maximise every valuable minute of your training time by knowing what exercises to do and for how many reps and sets
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Your body transformation is only 1 decision away

Your body transformation is only 1 decision away

Hi, I'm Pyry!


I bet you are here because you are ready to transform your body but might be unsure where to start. 

That's why I've created the 7-Day Free Body Transformation Kickstarter Program to get you on the right path. 

You are guaranteed to look and feel better by following this step-by-step plan. 

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Partnering with Coach Pyry is game changing. I am grateful to work with Coach Pyry as I am mentally fitter and also injury free whilst challenging my body beyond limits I ever thought was possible 🤛

-Andrew Kouimanis

"The best there is - changed the way I train, eat and live. Pyry is an absolute legend!"

-Michael Bascetta

Coach Pyry is an awesome trainer who'll help you achieve your goals in a safe and efficient manner. Very dedicated, and an amazing support and guide for your journey. He has helped me achieve my goals, go past them and enjoy every step of the way! Couldn't have had a better trainer here. Thank you!

-Dean Zhang

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Many others have benefited from my methods.

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What's Included In The 7-Day Body Transformation Program

  • 7-Day Meal Prep Guide
  • 7-Day Shopping List
  • 7-Day Meal Prep Guide
  • 7-Day Training Program
  • Pre-sleep routine
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