Achieve Your Best Shape Ever With Flexible Dieting

flexible dieting nutrition podcast Jul 03, 2023
achieve your best shape with flexible dieting and lose fat

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Lose Fat Sustainably - Your Favourite Foods Can Stay!


Flexible dieting is the key to losing fat permanently and transforming your body sustainably. 

The flexible dieting method promotes a healthy lifestyle change instead of focusing on a restrictive strategy for a short amount of time that can, unfortunately, leave you in a worse state than when you first started your diet. 

Flexible dieting is, by definition, flexible. 

Unlike restrictive diets, which cut out entire food groups, your flexible diet is entirely customisable to your individual needs and preferences. 

It makes the method very adaptable to your specific lifestyle demands. 

Your diet can and should evolve with the demands that life throws at you, no matter what stage of life you are in. 


Discipline Equals Freedom

One of our coaching philosophy's central tenets is that discipline equals freedom.

Applied to flexible dieting - being disciplined most of the time gives you the freedom to indulge in the small comforts of life without compromising results.

We refer to this as the "80 / 20 rule of healthy eating". 

As long as you eat unprocessed, whole foods for 80% of the time, you can invest the remaining 20% for comfort. 

What that comfort looks like is entirely up to you. 

It might be enjoying a drink or two with mates, having some 'freedom snacks' or going out for a pizza or burger. 

A flexible dieting approach will work without derailing your results if you adhere to the general principles of transforming your body.

In this episode of the Leaner Stronger Podcast, we break down the essential principles that will enable you to lose fat and transform your body without sacrificing your favourite foods. 

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