"Bad Foods" Don't Exist - The Flexible And Enjoyable Approach To Achieving Your Dream Body 🍔 | Episode 82

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How To Achieve Your Dream Body Without Cutting Out Your Favourite Foods 


If you want to lose fat, lean out, and look fantastic without cutting out your favourite foods, this episode is a must-listen/watch.

You get the best of both worlds when you understand the essential principles and follow a flexible but enjoyable diet structure.

Make the cake, eat the cake, and look great.

You must've heard that certain foods are "good" and certain foods are "bad".

It only adds to the confusion that what some gurus consider "good" and "bad" foods are highly contradictory.

Vegans say that eating meat causes cancer. Carnivores are convinced that plants' defence mechanisms wreak havoc on your guts. Others say that carbs make you fat. Some swear by them. 

Who's right and who's wrong??

After listening to this episode, it will be crystal clear why this is all BS, and you can see through the outlandish claims you see online.

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