How to lose 10kg of fat and gain 5kg of muscle in six months, SMART Goals, Pre-commitment 🤝 | Episode 66

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 In this episode, you'll learn about the power of pre-commitment to dramatically increase your chances of achieving any goal in 2023. 

You'll learn the best way to lose 10 kilos of body fat and gain 5 kilos of lean muscle in six months to look and feel your best on your European summer holiday. 

We also discuss what the career path of a personal trainer is like and how important it is to have mentors who can help you avoid wasting time, money and energy. 

Finally, you'll hear about the highlights of our trip to Finland. 

Enjoy, Happy New Year 2023!


0:00 Introduction 

2:43 What you should know about personal trainers

4:30 The power of models

9:40 What is Finland like in the summer?

14:33 How can you increase your chances of success in 2023

16:55 The concept of pre-commitment - Story of Odysseus and the Sirens

20:54 Set SMART goals in 2023

22:53 The value of a mentor

23:36 Give yourself a deadline

24:30 The best way to lose 10kg of fat and gain 5 kg of muscle in six months 


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