Why Body Weight Can't Be Your Only Measure Of Success - Reduce Anxiety And Boost Confidence 👍 | Episode 68

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Body Weight Measurements To Quantify Fat Loss - Yay or Nay?


How many times have you jumped on the scale after going to the gym consistently and preparing your meals most of the time, only to find that your body weight has shifted in the undesired direction despite all your efforts?

How frustrating is that!?

Does it mean that we should throw the scales out with the bathwater?

No. Measuring your body weight is great as long as you understand what external factors may influence your measurements and skew the results.

In this episode, you'll learn what causes acute shifts in body weight, how to track your body weight for the most consistent and reliable results, and what other things you should measure to boost confidence and accelerate your progress with your fat loss or muscle gain.



0:00 Why tracking your body weight is a good idea

3:59 Why body weight measurements can't be your only proxy of progress

6:40 How different types of stress impact water retention

7:57 How the menstrual cycle impacts women's body weight and water retention

9:26 How various foods can impact water retention

10:19 Dehydration and its impact on water retention

11:22 How can you decrease water retention?

13:41 How can you make your bodyweight measurements more valuable?

16:30 What else can you measure to track your body composition progress?

22:13 How to build confidence if you can't see the results yet?

24:04 How to get an accurate measurement of your body composition?

25:44 How to get into the best shape of your life in 18 weeks?


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