Breaking3 - Sub 3 Hour Meathead Marathon @ 90kg/198LBS

breaking3 running Jun 19, 2023
breaking3 sub-3-hour meathead marathon coach pyry

Operation Run Like A Runner Without Looking Like A Runner:

It all started in the sauna of a cabin by a lake in Finland in August 2022.

Like most people, I perhaps got a little too excited from listening to David Goggins and signed up for the 2022 Melbourne Marathon with only six weeks of preparation time.

I aimed to run the 42-kilometre distance in less than four hours. To run a sub-four-hour marathon, you must run at the average pace of 5:40/km or 9:00/mile.

In hindsight, I can tell you that six weeks is not long enough to prepare for a marathon.

I finally made it over the finish line after 4 hours and 33 minutes of painful shuffling.

That's an average pace of 6:28 per kilometre. Ouch.


Shuffling through the 40km mark.

Sure, I did not look like a runner back then, but I definitely did not run like a runner either.

Instead, I shuffled like a fridge.

So, how did we go from failing to break 4 hours to seriously aiming to break 3 hours in less than a year?

To run a sub-3-hour marathon, you must run at an average pace of 4:15/km.

We are now 17 weeks away.

Can I chop off over 90 minutes of my marathon time in 12 months?

Surely that would be breaking the record of breaking your personal record.

We'll see.

I'm going to document the entire journey on Youtube.

I'll show you how I train, eat, and recover and even take you on a month-long trip to Finland in July.

I've just posted the first episode of the Vlog on the @coachpyry Youtube channel, where I go over why I started focusing on running instead of strength training and how exactly we've gone from shuffling like a fridge to aiming to finish the Melbourne Marathon in less than 3 hours.



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