Ethan Fleming - Resilience & How To Push Through Your Mental And Physical Limits 🚀 | Episode 71

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Ethan Fleming - Resilience & How To Push Through Your Mental And Physical Limits 🚀 | Episode 71

In this episode, Coach Pyry sat down with Ethan Fleming.

Ethan the CEO of Get Going, a growing multi-million dollar mobile health and fitness company he founded. He’s on a mission to inspire people to redefine their ideas of failure and success so that they can push past self-imposed barriers and achieve deep self-awareness and transformation. ‍ Fleming is quickly becoming an authority in the inspirational and mental toughness space in Australia, and he’s passionate about helping people greet resilience with a smile.

Pyry and Ethan discuss all things resilience and mental toughness and cover actionable tools you can use today to break through your self-imposed mental and physical limits to unveil peak performance, and endurance you didn't know was possible.



0:00 Who is Ethan Fleming

1:56 The World’s Strongest Ultra

4:14 How Ethan deals with the “mental gutter”

8:10 Confidence comes from experience

9:56 How to take advantage of your circadian rhythm to boost performance during an ultra challenge

10:50 Ethan’s latest Guinness World Record - 24-Hour Assault Bike

15:39 Why you need to know yourself to keep going when the going gets tough

20:20 Ethan’s definition of resilience

21:30 How to align health and fitness with your value system

26:53 How to start exploring your mental and physical limits?

34:52 Ethan’s future direction with his Guinness World Records



Ethan Fleming


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