First Ever Marathon Recap 💨

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In this episode, you’ll learn about callousing your mind. We discuss Pyry’s first-ever marathon and all the triumphs, challenges and lessons learned from it. We discuss mindset and delayed gratification and how they are the keys to moving towards your health and fitness goals. We also discuss our evolution as coaches and our current training goals.


00:00 Theresa Is Now Officially A Co-Host

00:50 5 Salads in 5 Minutes

4:25 Callous your mind

9:10 Marshmallow test

10:50 Pyry’s grave marathon mistake

16:50 Pyry’s book recommendations on stoicism

20:03 Effort - One of the most important things about training

21:35 Our evolution as coaches

24:30 Current training goals

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 Enjoy the episode!


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