5 Ways To Turn Last Year's Shortcomings Into This Year's Triumphs ⛰️ | Episode 67

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In this episode, you'll learn five strategies to transform last year's shortcomings into this year's triumphs.

There are no failures, just learning experiences.

Our five strategies will help you change last year's failures into guideposts that'll guide you to your goals this year.

The principles are universal, but we'll see specific examples of how this applies to fitness, fat loss and muscle building.

You'll also learn how to train your mind to be more gritty and resilient so you can keep going past where you've quit before.

0:00 Turn last year's shortcomings into this year's triumphs

02:13 Focus area 1: Have a plan

07:28 Focus area 2: Put it in your calendar

9:32 Focus area 3: Measure your progress

17:18 Focus area 4: Make sure your goal is suitable to your level

21:32 Focus area 5: Build your GRIT!

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