Muscle Series 7 - How Often Should You Change Your Workouts To Maximise Gains And Minimise Risk Of Injuries? 🚀

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 In this episode, you'll learn how often you should change your training routine to progress as fast as possible and reduce the risk of injuring yourself.

Many people make the mistake of varying their workouts too often or too rarely. After watching or listening to this episode, you are guaranteed to avoid both pitfalls that slow down the rate of progress and increase the risk of negative secondary consequences from training.

We discuss the differences in varying your workouts if the specific goal is strength development or muscle gain.

Finally, you'll learn the best way to put this information to practice to truly accelerate yourself on the way to your leanest and strongest body.

0:00 Introduction

1:26 What are the two big mistakes many people make when it comes to varying their workouts?

3:18 Why is it a problem to change your workouts too rarely?

7:45 Why is it a problem to change your training routines too often?

10:50 Don't fall into this common trap!

13:11 What is the sweet spot for a training program length?

18:18 The difference between targeting muscle building or strength specifically

20:41 How often should you change your workouts if your goal is to maximise muscle growth?

21:37 What is the best way to put this information into action and transform your body in 18 weeks?


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