How To Build Savage Power And Conditioning With A Medicine Ball Circuit

breaking3 medicine ball circuit melbourne personal trainer Jul 06, 2023
how to build savage power and conditioning with a medicine ball circuit coach pyry

The Most Underrated Gym Tool For Developing Athleticism


A good medicine ball circuit packs a ton of punch - you'll build speed, power, mobility, and cardiorespiratory conditioning and prepare your full body for a great resistance training workout. 

A medicine ball circuit is like Mr Miyagi. 

It will put your body into positions that are important for athletic movement and teach you how to absorb and produce force in those positions. 

Wax on, wax off. 

I include medicine ball circuits in the training programs of all my clients because it's a very safe way to improve the client's movement capabilities without stretching, foam rolling, breathing exercises or other time-consuming mobility training modalities. 

Investing 5-10 minutes into a solid med-ball circuit before you lift weights is one of the most straightforward ways to get it all. 

Have the biceps and the athleticism.

The show and the go. 

The following circuit, which features 17 different types of throws, is my favourite tool for turning normal humans into athletic savages. 

Follow along and feel your exercise performance skyrocket!

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