How to enjoy your holidays without guilt or going backwards with your body composition 🎅

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We hope you get to spend some well-earned time off with your family and friends this holiday season.

We also wish you can do so without feeling guilt from not training as hard as you would like or having more tasty calorie-rich foods than you’d normally have.

In this episode, you’ll learn our top tips on maintaining your muscle and strength gains without putting on fat, and most importantly, how to enjoy this time of the year and all the amazingly tasty foods associated with it!

0:00 Holiday Special Intro Performance

5:44 Tip 1: Bring your training back to maintenance

13:10 Tip 2: Move!

16:30 Tip 3: Eat mindfully

20:40 Satiety-boosting mindful eating strategies

24:40 Tip 4: Don’t sweat it

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