How To Get Into The Virtuous Cycle Of Body Composition Success 🏆 | Episode 74

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Unstoppable Momentum Towards Your Dream Body. How Do You Get It Going?

The virtuous cycle of body composition success is a 360-degree, full-sensory experience. 

You can feel the difference. Your clothes fit differently. They are bulging in the right places. 

You can see the difference. Damn, who's that sexy beast looking at you from the mirror?

You can hear the difference. Your family members, friends and colleagues tell you how energetic and good you look these days. Are you on something?

Once you reach this point, the momentum pushing you towards your dream body is so strong that it can not be stopped. You can't help but ride the wave and make more progress. 

In this episode, you'll learn how to shift the momentum in your favour and enter the virtuous cycle of body composition success. 

  • How do you get into the virtuous cycle of body composition success? 
  • What if you are caught in a vicious cycle pulling you in the wrong direction?  



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