How To Make Running Feel Enjoyable And Athletic - Run 10KM With Ease 🏃 | Episode 84

running Jun 12, 2023
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How To Become An Athletic, Graceful and Effective Runner?


How nice would it feel to be so fit that you can lace up your trainers and go for a 10km run along the river trail feeling light and graceful like a gazelle?

If you are like most people we see running around the river trail, though, that's now what running feels like at the moment.

It's slow and heavy.

How do you go from running slow and heavy to running light, wild and free within a few months?

How do you engage your body's innate elastic system to become a more efficient, economical and athletic runner?

How do you turn running from a negative experience into a positive mindfulness practice?

Listen/watch today to learn all that, plus more.

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