Kenyan Style Zig Zag Recovery Run - Breaking3 | E02

breaking3 running Jun 27, 2023
Kenyan style zig zag recovery running Breaking3 sub 3 hour marathon

Jedi-Level Load Management For Runners: Kenyan Style Zig Zag Recovery Run


In this Breaking 3 - Sub 3-Hour Meathead Marathon @ 90kg Episode, you’ll learn the ins and outs of a Kenyan Style Zig Zag Recovery Run.

This type of running is one of the most fun types of running you’ll ever do.

You’ll feel wild and free like a little kid.

Although this type of running seems a bit ludicrous, it’s actually Jedi-level load management. 

Firstly, because you change directions so often, you run slower. 

Running slowly for some of the time is what allows your body to recover and adapt from your fast running so that you can run even faster. 

Secondly, because you change directions, inclines and pace very often, you expose your feet, ankles, knees and hips to different angles and types of landings. 

This is fantastic because it adds variety and makes your lower limbs more resilient to running-related injuries. 

Watch the video to learn the main principles and the ins and outs of Kenyan Style Zig Zag Recovery Running!

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