Muscle Series 1 - How to Stimulate Muscles To Grow? 💪

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This episode is the first in the 11-episode mini-series on maximising your valuable time at the gym if your goal is to look and feel your best.

In this episode, you'll learn about the different ways to stimulate your muscles to grow; mechanical tension, the pump, and muscle damage. You'll learn specific ways to apply this information on your next gym visit. You'll learn to avoid one of the most common pitfalls even intermediate trainees fall for. You'll learn to discern whether you are training hard enough to stimulate your muscles to grow and, finally, how to put it all together to ensure you progress as fast as possible.

Time stamps:

00:00 Introduction to the How To Maximise Muscle Growth Series

01:05: The most essential principle for muscle growth: Specificity

01:50 Three ways to stimulate muscles to grow

02:15 What is mechanical tension?

03:35 Avoid this common mistake!

5:40 The pump!

8:02 How to combine mechanical tension and pump for an all-rounded program?

10:40 Muscle damage

13:00 Is muscle soreness a good indicator of a good session?

15:30 Summary of how to stimulate your muscles to grow.

16:55 How hard should you train to stimulate muscle growth? (Relative effort)

19:40 How to put it all into action and accelerate your results?


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