Muscle Series 6 - Five Most Powerful Recovery Strategies For Faster Muscle Gain 💪 | Episode 62

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You do not build muscle at the gym. 

You only apply stress to your body at the gym. Whether you adapt to that stress with bigger and stronger muscles depends on your recovery strategies. 

In this episode, you'll learn five powerful fatigue management strategies to accelerate your gains, whether your goal is to build muscle, strength, fitness or get faster.

You'll learn about the Three Pillars Of Muscle Building and why not all stress is bad for you. You'll discover that recovering is not a waste of time but an integral part of the training process. 

0:00 Role of fatigue management in muscle building

1:30 Three Pillars of Muscle Building

3:00 Stressors of modern life

7:58 Not all stress is bad for you

8:20 Eustress vs Distress

10:00 Overtraining vs under recovering

11:05 Fatigue Management Strategy 1: Training Program

12:05 Why I stopped listening to music while I train

13:35 Fatigue Management Strategy 2: Active recovery periods

16:07 Fatigue Management Strategy 3: Rest days

19:11 Fatigue Management Strategy 4: Sleep

22:45 Fatigue Management Strategy 5: Parasympathetic activities

24:59 What does your breathing tell you about your stress levels?

27:44 The best way to take action on what you've learned



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