Muscle Series 3 - You do NOT have "weak" muscle groups!

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to develop any muscle in your body, even the ones you thought were impossible for you. 

You’ll also learn how to unlock better mobility forever. We discuss what mind-muscle connection is and how to improve your mind-muscle connection to get better gains from the gym. You’ll also learn when you shouldn’t focus on mind-muscle connection to optimise your performance.

As always, the episode is full of actionable takeaways you can apply on your next visit to the gym to accelerate your results.

0:00 Introduction

0:45 Recap Muscle Series episodes 1 and 2

1:35 What is a mind-muscle connection?

3:15 Positions and technique are keys to better mind-muscle connection

5:10 How do you know if you have mind-muscle connection or not?

6:15 Specific example: How to feel your back muscles during lat pulldowns

8:15 What to do if you don’t have a mind-muscle connection?

9:40 So, you’ve got a mind-muscle connection. Does it mean you are building muscle?

11:00 It’s not enough to feel the muscles. You need LOAD.

11:40 When does the mind-muscle connection become less important?

14:00 How does the mind-muscle connection change as your training age progresses?

15:28 How to increase mind-muscle connection to the lats specifically?

17:40 Great news, you do NOT have “weak” muscle groups!

19:56 What if you’ve lost your movement potential?

21:10 The role of strength training in the improvement of movement potential?


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