Reclaim Your Feet With Andy Bryant

foot health performance personal trainer wellness Dec 13, 2021
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Reclaim Your Feet


Many people make the mistake of overlooking the impact that their foot and ankle complex has on their movement, resilience and wellbeing.

In this podcast episode, Coach Pyry sat down with Melbourne based natural podiatrist Andy Bryant.

Listen today if you care about how you move and feel daily, both when exercising and just going about your business.

The discussion went into a range of exciting topics like:

-What modern shoes are doing to our feet

-How to reconnect to your feet

-Long term strategies for foot health

-Bunions and plantar fasciitis -  What's going on and what to do?

-Footwear recommendations for children


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Without further ado, enjoy the episode! This one is a perfect episode to listen to on a walk because we covered a lot of walking-related tips. 


Find more about Andy Bryant

Instagram: @andybryant_podiatrist


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