Four Key Factors For Running Longer Distances

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In this episode, you’ll learn the four key factors to focus on if you want to run longer distances, do it faster and get injured less.

We discuss lower limb conditioning to avoid shin splints and foot pain. We discuss the importance of cardiorespiratory conditioning for performance, lifting and life in general. We discuss optimal breathing strategies for running at different intensities. We discuss optimal running mechanics, best ways to troubleshoot movement restrictions and Pyry’s shoe recommendations for runners. We also discuss the importance of mindset and mental faculties for running long distances. Pyry will also share his experiences preparing for his first-ever marathon.


00:00 Pyry’s running experience

06:12 Why did I decide to run a marathon?

09:15 The importance of lower leg conditioning

9:50 Barefoot shoes

11:00 Pyry’s shoe recommendation for long-distance running

15:10 Importance of aerobic fitness

18:36 When should you breathe through your nose vs mouth?

24:15 Running technique

25:00 Your shape dictates your running technique

26:00 The best way to improve movement variability

29:35 What constitutes good running technique?

31:39 The mind

40:15 Four critical factors for running longer

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