Sauna Like A Finn

health personal trainer sauna wellness Nov 08, 2021

Sauna Like A Finn

Saunas are my favourite thing in the world.

My parents took me to the sauna for the first time when I was 3-4 years old, perhaps even earlier. That means that I've been going to the sauna at least once per week for 25 years, and I've used the sauna 5-7 days per week in the last few years unless the sauna has been closed due to the pandemic. 

Why do I do it? Because I love it. 

It is a nice bonus that regular sauna use has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for cardiovascular health, neurological health, mental health and overall resiliency. 

This is great. However, the thing is that most of the studies that have proven these benefits have been conducted in Finland. 

Therefore, if you want to reap all the excellent benefits, you better use your sauna like a Finn.

Listen to this episode of the Coach Pyry podcast to hear me bridge the gap between the science and Finnish practice of sauna use. 

If you find it useful, share it with someone who needs some sauna in their life!



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