Muscle Series 5 - How To Bust Through Muscle Growth Plateaus, Training Volume, Risks Of Overdoing It 🏋️

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to bust muscle growth plateaus and make steady progress from year to year.

Choosing the appropriate training volume and altering it strategically is one of the key components of the training model we use in the Leaner Stronger Experience. 

You’ll take away actionable tips you can start applying from TODAY to accelerate yourself on your journey towards your dream body.

We discuss one of the most important aspects of resistance training - training volume. You’ll learn about the risks of overdoing it, and the equally negative flip side of the same coin, under recovering. We give tips on maintaining muscle and strength when you are on holiday or super busy with other commitments and can’t put as much effort into going to the gym.

We share how we busted through a plateau with Theresa’s glute training. Finally, we discuss the importance of tracking your training and give specific tips on making this as convenient for yourself as possible.



0:00 Introduction

1:12 How are muscle building and sun tanning related?

5:49 What are signs that you might be overdoing it?

6:38 Maintenance Volume, Minimum Effective Volume, Maximum Recoverable Volume

8:45 How to apply the volume landmarks in your training

11:32 Why should you just try to maintain what you’ve got every now and then?

16:12 How do you know if you are maintaining your muscle mass?

19:35 How Theresa busted her glute plateau?



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