What gets measured gets managed - How to measure your body composition progress

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In this podcast episode, Pyry and Theresa discuss the best ways to measure your progress with your body composition. 

Peter Drucker famously said: "What gets measured gets managed", and this is especially true when building lean muscle mass and dropping body fat. 

Many over-rely on bodyweight scales to discern whether they are losing fat or gaining muscle.

Without the context of total training volume, body fat percentage, photos, and the tracking of behavioural goals, scale weight measurements alone give a murky picture at best of whether you are getting leaner or not. 

We discuss why focusing on "sub-goals" like behaviours that will lead to the end goal is a much better strategy than just focusing on the end goal itself. For example, focus on progressive overload at the gym, tracking your steps and hitting your protein target instead of focusing on your body weight if the goal is to look better. 



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