Instant Stress Relief - Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

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Breath control exercises are foundational for your wellness and performance.

You can induce a state of calm focus and reduce stress within minutes.

Diaphragmatic breathing exercises have been shown to reduce chronic stress, improve attention span, improve cognitive performance, lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rates, and increase heart rate variability. ( Ma et al. 2017, Zaccaro et al. 2018, Laborde et al. 2021).

Because your breathing mechanics are interconnected with your movement mechanics, diaphragmatic breathing exercises can also improve posture and mobility. 

The devil is in the details, and if you want to reap all these benefits, you have to be very particular in your execution. Besides, there are many myths and misconceptions that may reduce the effectiveness of breath control exercises. (For example, contrary to popular belief, "belly breathing" is NOT true diaphragmatic breathing).

Watch this thorough demonstration to reap all the abovementioned fantastic benefits and to avoid common pitfalls. 

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