How To Lose 10kg Of Fat And Gain 5kg Of Muscle While Eating Cheese 4 Times Per Day

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how to eat cheese and lose fat with flexible dieting

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How to lose fat and achieve your dream body without cutting out your favourite foods


In our first consultation, one of my clients told me he feared I would ask him to stop eating cheese. 

He said he couldn't live without it. 

I told him that I had great news. 

I wrote him a meal plan which included cheese. 


For breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

The result after six months?

He's lost 10kg of fat, gained 5kg of muscle and dramatically changed his shape. 

He's healthier and feels better than ever. 

All without cutting out his favourite indulgence. 


Fat loss and your favourite foods don't have to be mutually exclusive

As long as you stick to the body transformation principles we covered in the previous episode, you'll be able to lose fat and achieve your dream body without saying no to indulging in your favourite comforts now and then. 


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Practical tips on how to make flexible dieting work for you
  • How do we apply flexible dieting in our everyday lives?
  • How did Pyry's client lose 10kg of fat and build 5 kilograms of muscle while eating cheese four times daily?
  • The importance of freedom foods that like you.

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